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That is a 300% increase and this month isn't even over yet. By merging Brightinfo's real time content personalization with my inbound strategy I am not only going to hit my goals, but crush them. As I learn more about this new tool, I am excited to see what new ways I can use it to add value to my visitors and grow my business. We are also proud to now be a Brightinfo partner, which allows us to help our clients deliver the same awesome results when paring Brightinfo with their Inbound strategy as well. The future is definitely looking bright! ABOUT BRIGHTINFO With BrightInfo, every website that leverages content marketing can offer the most relevant content to each anonymous visitor – dynamically, in real time and on each page visited. Businesses that leverage BrightInfo increase visitor engagement dramatically. The service helps ensure visitors are exposed to the most relevant content, consume more content on average, and sign up more for premium content. It can be configured for website and blog pages or to engage abandoning/bouncing visitors on landing pages. BrightInfo requires no configuration, customization or integration and delivers value within minutes of sign up. Visit to learn more.

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