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Shelley Marketing Intro As a smaller agency, I decided early on I wasn't going to act like one. When I made the investment in Hubspot, I took it seriously. I put all I had into learning the process, living the method and putting inbound to work day in and day out. Through countless hours of training videos, tests and practicums, I managed to get every Hubspot certification available in just 6 months. I put my knowledge of the process to work vigorously and within that 6 months, we beat our previous year's revenue. Now 9 months into the process, I have seen more growth than I ever thought possible, but I felt like there was still something missing. Traffic was up and so were leads. My agency was growing, but I was not where I wanted to be. You have to understand, that when I committed to inbound, I went all in. I set some ambitious goals for myself and my agency and not meeting them was unacceptable to me. With the inbound marketing world becoming more and more crowded, I knew it was going to take a lot more than just doing what everyone else was doing to achieve my desired results. Here's what I've been doing using Hubspot and the Inbound Method: Content, Content, Content. Did I mention content? I knew I needed to be active in producing not just quality pieces of content, but more than my competition and make sure that each piece was very focused. I wanted to see results fast, because I needed too. So I decided that I would blog 3 times a week. Instead of looking to the latest trends for content ideas (which is a good strategy, just not mine), I opted for a strategy that was strictly focused on my persona, their pain points and how my agency could solve their problems.

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