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The challenge: landing the right paid audience Uberflip is a leading brand in the hot marketing technology sector, which has almost quadrupled over the past two years. Uberflip helps marketers create, manage and optimize the content experience at every stage of the funnel so they can boost engagement and generate more leads. To market Uberflip's solution to high quality leads, the company turned to BrightInfo. BrightInfo uses its innovative marketing personalization technology to increase in-site conversion and content exposure on external publications, either separately or as a combined offering. Thus, covering the entire buyer journey on owned media and/or paid media, with its network of professional publications. The goal was to scale lead generation, using technology to find better traffic sources: The solution BrightInfo's ads use Uberflip's content to actively find prospects where they are searching for information on professional publications; then, the algorithm analyzes user behavior to optimize conversion rates, pulling users into Uberflip's own channels where it engages them, and finally closes the loop on conversion pages. In marketing jargon, this means extending Uberflip's Top of the Funnel into a higher level, in this case, publishers.
 This way, the audience is screened twice: first, by the publication's focus and registration base; and then again, by BrightInfo's algorithm, which continually scans both the content and the visitors who read it. It then offers only the right content - and only to the right prospects. BrightInfo's content recommendations also offer a tooltip, triggered by mouse-over, and displaying the content's abstract, so prospects know exactly what they're getting: Challenge How to Measure Driving better audience to Uberflip's landing pages Conversion rates of traffic channel ROI Cost per lead Quality of traffic Lead scoring indicators CASE STUDY: Uberflip Scales Lead Generation With Brightinfo, Landing Traffic With X3 Conversion Rates

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