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4 The Result Net-Translators started to use BrightInfo and immediately experienced an uplift in leads and engagement, without any other change to their website. Using BrightInfo's automated service, Net-Translators was able to expose anonymous visitors to the best possible content for them immediately and in real-time, helping them move faster through the buyer journey and encouraging them to connect with the company. Within the 30 day trial the measurable result was a 15% increase in online form conversions as more visitors signed up for more premium content. The company also noted lower bounce rates and an increase in content consumption. Net-Translators continues to use BrightInfo to increase the ROI from their content marketing investment and help anonymous online visitors to easily engage with the company. Through the BrightInfo built in reporting and the Drupal integration Net- Translators sees a steady ongoing increase in their website conversion and engagement metrics. "I was skeptical at first but BrightInfo worked as promised and was easy to use. I'm very happy with the additional leads and the substantial increase in content consumption. You get only one quick shot at leaving a good first impression – and now I know we excel at it", observes Gal Yissar. ABOUT BRIGHTINFO With BrightInfo, every website that leverages content marketing can offer the most relevant content to each anonymous visitor – dynamically, in real time and on each page visited. Businesses that leverage BrightInfo increase visitor engagement dramatically. The service helps ensure visitors are exposed to the most relevant content, consume more content on average, and sign up more for premium content. It can be configured for website and blog pages or to engage abandoning/bouncing visitors on landing pages. BrightInfo requires no configuration, customization or integration and delivers value within minutes of sign up. Visit to learn more.

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