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2 The Challenge Net-Translators was founded in 2001 to help software developers, medical-device manufacturers, prepare their products and services for worldwide deployment by providing high-quality translation, localization, and multilingual testing services. Today, with customers and localization resources on six continents, Net-Translators is known and trusted by technology leaders around the world for consistently delivering thorough, high-quality results that are on-time and on-budget. Net-Translators' online marketing strategy relies on inbound marketing to generate traffic. Once visitors arrive at their website or blog, the company leverages content marketing to drive visitor engagement and conversion, using dozens of content items. Net-Translators wanted to maximize the ROI of its content and online traffic by minimizing bounce and increasing engagement and conversion of anonymous browsing visitors. Wanting to accelerate anonymous visitors buyer journey so they engage with the company as early as possible, Net-Translators decided to explore a solution that would help anonymous visitors get quickly to the most relevant marketing content and thus move them faster through the buyer journey. "According to CEB, 57% of the customer purchase decision is complete before a customer ever contacts the supplier. This means by the time they actually contact you, they are well on their way to making a purchase decision and are just validating information with the short list of finalists", says Gal Yissar, CEO at Net-Translators. "We needed to help our anonymous online visitors make informed decisions about their next step while they are still on our website or blog - encouraging them to engage and connect with us".

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