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Engaging Anonymous Online Visitors

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3 www.brightinfo.com The gap in online marketing Although the vast proportion of your web visitors will remain anonymous, most businesses are consumed with analyzing the 1-3% that convert to leads via download, sign-up or purchase, ignoring the enormous buying potential of the other 97-99%. Content Marketing is used by over 90% of businesses, where the focus is on generating enough engaging content for the audience to help them educate themselves on the brand and its unique offerings. But conventional online and content marketing typically neglects the time between when your audience finds you and the time they become known to you – the entire mid-funnel. And there's a cost. This is exactly where the 97-99% of your anonymous visitors gets lost. Without giving anonymous visitors the right content at the right time and context, you miss the opportunity to grab mindshare as they conduct their online research and before they contact you. The question, of course, is how to nurture an audience when you don't know them or their interests? This is where Real Time Personalization comes in. There are numerous technologies available to help you understand and engage your anonymous audience and boost your chances of getting final consideration as they complete the buyer journey. Leveraging Real Time Personalization and taking that extra step gives you the best possible chance to stay in the final consideration set with your audience as they move through their buyer journey. Then, once the potential buyer becomes known, you can use nurturing, marketing automation or a CRM to extend your relationship. But you must cross that anonymous chasm to get there.

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