Unearth your hidden content gems with content targeting

January 27, 2015 Boaz Grinvald

Content targeting is a conversion optimization and personalization technique that helps businesses better engage and convert their online audience. It is done by showcasing the most relevant content to the specific individuals visiting your website or blog in order to increase online engagement and conversion and provide a personal experience.

It is based on 2 key elements –

Targeted/personalized content: Based on the buyer personas you sell to, the more specific content you can develop the better chances you have to convert that audience. At BrightInfo our audience is Marketing Professionals. We are offering our audience generic calls to action, as well as several vertical focused white papers – for example a Cyber Security white paper on our value and experience with the Cyber Security community or a Financial Services white paper on our value and experience with that community. Both examples of the vertical offerings are much more effective than any of our generic white papers when presented to audience from the right vertical

Targeting technology (aka Personalization):  Once you have targeted content, you want to make sure to offer it to the relevant audience, as you can’t expect them to find it themselves and you can’t showcase all your content on every page. Targeting and personalization technologies help you make sure your online audience sees the most relevant content for them instead of generic content. Content targeting technologies rely on a dynamic display to offer a visitor the right content at the right time. This means there is a dynamic display of offers on a per person and per page basis that co-exists with the website static offers. See example from one of our customers below:

Content Targeting Increases Conversions

Spotting hidden content gems

Practitioners of content marketing have a real dilemma in place. On one hand they have more and more content items to share with their audience. On the other hand to keep with page-optimization best practices they can’t really showcase more than 1, 2 or 3 (at most) content offers (AKA calls-to-action) on each web page.

Typically content marketers decide which content to showcase on which page based on guidelines they developed across time or that exist in their business. For example, they always show a product brochure and a case study or testimonial on each product page. Another one could be to always show a company overview or fact sheet on the About Us page. In addition, there is a tendency to present new content and take out the older content. So a new eBook may replace the last eBook quickly on all pages while the older eBook goes back to be part of the Resources section.

With dynamic content targeting offers, there is suddenly an opportunity to show calls to action that you wouldn’t show before on a page with completely different calls to action. A simple example would be for a new visitor to your website. Once the visitor learns about a product or service of interest he or she may go to the About Us page to learn about the company and see if it is a company they want to do business with. With dynamic content offers there is the opportunity to continue to accompany the visitor with the appropriate call to action on the About Us page. So instead or in addition to showing a company fact sheet you can also show a Sign Up For A Demo call to action as that person took an interest in the specific product just now.

This gives you the opportunity to compare top content picks from the dynamic recommendations compared to top content picks from the static calls to action and where there is a discrepancy you know you hit on content gems. See sample BrightInfo Content Insights report for our own website:

Discovering content gems with content targeting

Static calls to action will help you optimize conversion and better cater to your audience needs. In addition this type of analysis offers additional insight into anonymous visitor behavior and the anonymous buyer journey vs. static websites that treat all visitors the same.

To learn more about targeted content and how it helped BrightInfo increase online conversion read 3 calls to action ideas that increased our conversion up to 200%

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