Time to Know lowers leads under $5 with content targeting

February 4, 2015 Haim Cohen Mintz

The Challenge

Time to Know is a global leader in the area of digital education. The Ed-tech market, as it is widely called, is booming. It came in at #3 on Mashable’s “8 surging startup industries to watch”, and investment money is has tripled in the last decade to about US$ 500 million a year.

Time to Know is a company of 120 experienced professionals designing and building a holistic solution that provides tools for creating, distributing, teaching and analyzing digital learning programs. The company operates in a landscape that is growing more and more competitive, which puts more pressure to perform on its marketing department.

Time to Know case study

Time to Know’s marketing strategy relies on content marketing with valuable content such as white papers, infographics and an active blog. When visitors arrive at the unique timetoknow.com website, the company leverages content marketing to drive visitor engagement and conversion, nurturing visitors with free content until they are ready to sign up for premium content or contact the company. Once visitors convert, Time to Know leverages its marketing automation system and its CRM to nurture and advance these leads further in the buyer journey.

Since the sales cycle of Time to Know’s advanced solutions can be rather long, it is crucial for Time to Know to propel visitors through the buyer’s journey as quickly as possible towards conversion. The marketing team decided to focus on key areas:

-  Increasing conversion rates for premium content items

-  Reducing bounce and abandonment

-  Target calls to action according to geographic location

As a potential solution Time to Know’s team was looking to target anonymous online visitors and new visitors that are bouncing/abandoning with relevant marketing content as a way to keep the audience engaged and move them forward through the buyer journey. However, the team had some concerns:

How to target the right content to the right anonymous visitor dynamically

How to get this done quickly and automatically, not investing ongoing resources

How to fit this into the current set of marketing technologies used, such as Jumplead marketing automation and SalesForce CRM

“With a median upload time of 3 seconds, and keeping in mind that most visitors leave the site after 15 seconds, you only have about 12 seconds to engage most of your users. So we want to offer them value. More than 80% of prospects say content targeted to their specific industry is more valuablesays Yotam Kramer, Director of Marketing at Time to Know. “Engaging with anonymous visitors right at our homepage helps us generate quality leads from our web page. Customized popups answered our content challenges while also addressing our  geographic-dependent message-targeting”.

The Solution

Time to Know signed up for the BrightInfo cloud service that targets anonymous visitors with personal, dynamic content recommendations from within the available content as they browse around or leave web pages.

Activating BrightInfo just required placement of a small Java Script on the Time to Know web pages and selecting a few menu options. Within minutes from signup, BrightInfo’s unique targeting algorithm helped Time to Know leverage their existing content by automatically recommending online visitors relevant next steps from the content marketing items available on the Time to Know website, also known as content targeting.

In addition, when new anonymous visitors decided to leave without converting, BrightInfo’s solution offered them automatic calls-to-action based on their geographic location, and in their own native language, as a way to keep them engaged and to show them that there is more relevant content available to them from Time to Know.

The Time to Know team customized the popups design in line with their general style of design:

Time to Know's personalized popups


The Result

Time to Know Lowers Leads Under $5Time to Know experienced an immediate uplift in online conversions, without any other changes to their website. Using BrightInfo’s automated service, Time to Know was able to expose individual anonymous visitors to the best possible content for them in real time, providing them with a personalized experience and encouraging them to engage with the company.

Within the trial period the measurable results were a 52% increase in online form conversions, and even touching 182% (!) at times, as more visitors responded well to the company’s marketing content offers that matched their interest and less visitors exited the website without converting.

In addition, consumption of Time to Know’s content assets increased by 113%, and even touching 300% at times, as visitors responded well for content that best suited their interest and buyer journey phase.

Time to Know continues to use BrightInfo to provide real time personalization for individual anonymous online visitors, increasing the ROI from their content marketing investment further, and making sure their international audience is fully engaged.

Director of Marketing“The 52% increase in leads was achieved without any effort on my team’s part – and those leads came from all over the globe. I recommend BrightInfo for every Content Marketing organization that sells complex products and faces international challenges” observes Kramer.

You can read other use-cases and success stories of customers using BrightInfo’s real-time content personalization here.

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