The Content Journey - Upcoming webinar on SEMRush by BrightInfo & Oktopost

June 22, 2016 Assaf Dudai

Presented by:

Boaz Grinval, BrightInfo CEO

Daniel Kushner, Oktopost CEO



Online marketing is leaning heavily on content marketing, and marketers are leaning heavily on content creators, which in turn lean on cups of coffee and Beats headphones. Massive resources are devoted to the creation and distribution of content, time and money wise. So, it is imperative that we make every content interaction count.

This is precisely the objective of this upcoming webinar, devoted to the content journey - introducing practical tools to ensure that nothing goes to waste along the journey, that every minute and every dollar is wisely used.

A Taste of the Journey

Pre-writing strategizing

How to prepare the ground for the act of writing. The biggest mistake one can make is to just wing it, to trust your writer’s instinct and write from the top of your head. So many things to consider before: target audience, objectives and aims, target publication, desired outcome… we’ll cover each point in depth and make sure that when you sit to write, you do that with from a place of confidence, and confidence comes from knowing and understanding the bigger picture.

The writing process itself

First thing is outline, the most important step in every piece of writing ever written. Once you got that, you need to constantly personalize your writing, to write for your target audience, with their needs in mind at all time. We’ll also cover the basics of a good & solid article - how to provide context and support your arguments with examples and data, how to not force your key terms and words too much. And, of course, some words of wisdom about titles.

Distribution & Co.

We’ll discuss the importance of Blog Balance - how to ensure your blog has just the right mix of content types and how it is all presented. We’ll also look into distribution - from employee advocacy, to social, email, newsletter, PPC, organic and everything in between and what to consider B2C and B2B wise.

Internal Distribution

Yes, there is a such a thing and it is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with this concept. We’ll explain in detail how to maximize the potential and use of every piece of content on your website, regardless of how deep it is hiding in the blogroll or inner pages. We’ll show how smart usage of existing content can contribute to increasing your engagement and conversion rates.


The webinar will be held on Thursday, 30 June, 3 PM (BST)/ 10 AM (EST) .

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