Should you spend your next $ on more Content or Content Targeting?

May 5, 2015 Boaz Grinvald

This is a long time debate about which is better – quantity or quality? In the content marketing world it typically refers to building more content and placing it on your owned media (blog, website, landing pages…) vs. optimizing the use of the content that you already have by doing a better job of promoting the right content to the right visitor at the right time. In this article we will go over the pros and cons for investing in Content Targeting vs. just cranking up more content.


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So what exactly is content targeting?

Content Targeting helps businesses showcase their most relevant content to the specific individuals in order to increase online engagement and conversion related to content. It is based on 2 key elements –

  • Persona based content: Based on the buyer personas you sell to, the more specific content you can develop the better chances you have to convert that audience. At BrightInfo our audience is Marketing Professionals. We are offering our audience generic calls to action, as well as several vertical focused white papers – for example a Cyber Security white paper on our value and experience with the Cyber Security community or a Financial Services white paper on our value and experience with that community. Both examples for the vertical offerings are much more popular than any of our generic white papers as they are offering specific value to a specific type of buyer and thus are more compelling
  • Targeting (aka Real-time Personalization) technology: Once you have persona based content, you want to make sure to offer it to the relevant audience. This is very important for content marketers as its very easy for their audience to get lost in the content forest and not see the wood from the trees. Targeting and real time personalization technologies help your audience by dynamically highlighting the most relevant content for them instead of generic content

Why invest in more content

  1. SEO: Building the right content for your market and highlighting the right keywords in detailed, specific articles should get your business better ranking in organic search engine searches and get you more traffic (aka larger audience)
  2. Credibility:  If you do generate quality content regularly it builds up your credibility with your audience that you are an expert in your space and that should help you build up your followers and gain more prospects
  3. Content syndication: When you have more content there are more syndication opportunities which help your credibility as well as generate traffic and grow your audience. Should also grow your SEO ranking
  4. Social image: Sharing your own content on your earned media helps support your brand image and credibility by showing lively presence on social media channels

Why Invest in Content Targeting (aka Real-time Personalization)

  1. Higher revenue: Real Time Personalization solutions increase online conversion and as such have direct linkage to higher revenue. It’s basically making more from the content and audience you already have by better connecting the dots
  2. Higher engagement, lower abandonment: As online attention spans are diminishing, visitors spend less time on your pages and need to see relevant content faster. This makes showing them the most relevant content immediately an even higher priority, to make sure engagement stays high and bounce rates stay low
  3. Content intelligence: Content targeting offers content dynamically to each anonymous visitor based on individual behaviors and characteristics. Analyzing the dynamic content they choose offers insight into anonymous visitor behavior and the content engagement trends. For example, that old white paper that you don’t showcase much anymore? You may find that it is actually a hit with a certain audience
  4. Deliver a personal experience: Imagine an interested visitor lands on one of your product pages. He or she reads the page, the brochure and a case study and then leaves for a meeting. The next day the same visitor comes back and sees exactly the same page he read yesterday. This would be a great moment to move him forward in the buyer journey by offering targeted but more advanced content such as a highly relevant Webinar

Our 2 cents

If you want to treat your audience as individuals and help them navigate your world of content easily you need to consider real time personalization. However, you also want to deliver enough fresh content on a regular basis that will keep your credibility and build up your SEO ranking. If you feel you are above the minimal requirement on the content creation side we strongly recommend you to consider real time personalization, ideally one that is all automated and doesn’t require ongoing efforts.

To read more on how real time personalization complements marketing automation see  HubSpot Customers Integrate BrightInfo for Automated Personalization to Anonymous Visitors

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