Press release: BrightInfo launches Agency Partnership Program

May 19, 2015 Asaf Rothem

TEL AVIV – May 19th, 2015 – BrightInfo is showcasing its new HubSpot integration to leading HubSpot agency partners at the company’s annual Partner Day today for gold, platinum and diamond level agencies. BrightInfo is also launching its Agency Partnership Program today, helping agencies increase revenue, retention and competitiveness.

BrightInfo’s cloud solution has been proven to increase online conversions by up to 76% while dramatically reducing the cost per lead for businesses of all sizes. As a Top of the Funnel tool, it ideally complements HubSpot’s suite of tools and CRM system. Leveraging the business existing online marketing materials, BrightInfo dynamically delivers personal, relevant content recommendations to each anonymous visitor based on digital behaviors, pages read and stage in the buying journey. With optimized solutions for corporate websites, blogs and landing pages, recommendations are made across every online interaction automatically and advance anonymous visitors through the buyer journey toward becoming customers or prospects.

“We’re excited that BrightInfo shares our vision of inbound marketing and agency partnerships,” said Meghan Keaney Anderson, Director of Product Marketing at HubSpot. “Now with the BrightInfo integration, HubSpot users can create personalized content recommendations across their website, blog and landing pages that adapt to the interests of each visitor. Integrations like this help our customers and agency partners get more from inbound marketing while delivering a personal experience across every interaction.“

Up and running in minutes, BrightInfo requires virtually no manual effort and no changes to website content, tagging or organization. The BrightInfo recommendation engine automatically and continually indexes content and determines which content is most effective in engaging and converting visitors. Built-in reports and analytics provide insights about the business content engagement and visitor interests to assist ongoing optimization of the online experience.

“BrightInfo’s integration with HubSpot is more than good news for marketing automation” said Jamie Cartwright, Marketing Manager, at the Weidert Group, a HubSpot Platinum Partner. “It signals a new advancement in inbound marketing strategy. With BrightInfo’s move into HubSpot’s technology ecosystem, marketers can more effectively capture leads and guide them through their online journey, using the out-in-front personalization of BrightInfo and the lead generation power of HubSpot. As a partner for both platforms, Weidert Group has seen how BrightInfo’s capabilities are a natural addition to an inbound marketing plan based on HubSpot, and we’re excited for even closer data integration in the future,” he concluded.

“Businesses need a simple and easy way to deliver a personal experience” said Boaz Grinvald, CEO of BrightInfo. “We are honored to work with HubSpot and be recognized as a proven low touch personalization solution. HubSpot has a great partner echo system and we are happy to offer special benefits to the HubSpot agency partners and to help them accelerate their growth.”

The BrightInfo Agency Partnership Program provides the following benefits:
• Resell Margins
• Free partner training and support
• Use of BrightInfo for your agency at a fraction of its price
• Joint marketing opportunities

To learn about our Agency partners and get more information please click here:

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