Personalizing Content to the Buyer’s Journey Part 3: The Decision Stage

November 17, 2015 Tim Ludy

Every prospect has a specific need that thrusts them into the buyer’s journey. Whether it’s a problem that needs to be solved, or an opportunity for the taking, proving your product or service as the best solution requires a tailored content personalization strategy. Last week we covered The Consideration Stage of the buyer’s journey. If you haven’t checked that out, go back and read it now

Great! Not only have you gained the trust of your prospect by providing educational and relevant content at the right time, but you have also identified your product/service as a viable solution to the prospect’s problem. Now comes the stage you’ve been waiting for: decision making.

Decision making is hard

Stage 3: Decision

At this stage in the buyer’s journey, your lead is ripe for the taking. Your content personalization strategy has been successful in subconsciously generating brand loyalty in the mind of your prospect long before they were ready to buy. Nurtured in every step, your prospect is now ready to make that pivotal purchase decision.

To help you FINALLY convert on this lead, we will help you analyze what content got them here, what content will nurture them in this stage, and what content will move them comfortably toward implementing your product/service into their marketing efforts.

What Content Got Them Here?

Up until this point, your collection of in-depth blog posts, e-books, webinars, and expert guides has proven sufficient in engaging your prospect as they learn about their problem and its possible solutions. Without ever partaking in a real conversation (most likely), you’ve generated trust and identified yourself as an industry leader in the eyes of your prospect (and likely generated a lead through gated content). Nurturing your prospect in the pivotal transition from consideration to decision-making came easy as your content personalization tool suggested solution-based content assets that subtly pushed the visitor in the direction of your product/service. These pieces of content do much of the heavy lifting, and rightfully so, as they likely required a great deal of time and effort to create.

What Content Will Nurture Them In This Stage?

Now, the focus of your content must change to reflect the narrow vision of your prospect as they zero in on the pros/cons of your product/service.

Let’s look back to the prospect with high cholesterol one last time. After engaging with an abundance of personalized and perfectly-timed content assets in the consideration stage, they’ve decided that an intense workout regimen paired with a few ground-breaking nutritional supplements will lead them to a healthier lifestyle. While your word got them to this point, it is the word of your happy customers that will nurture the prospect in the decision stage. There is nothing more influential than seeing a before and after picture of a customer who’s life (or marketing ROI) has changed for the better thanks to your workout regimen (or product/service).

Customer testimonials and case studies are considered the most effective content marketing tactics, identified by 89% and 88%, respectively, of B2B marketers (2013 B2B Content Marketing Trends Report).

Showcasing positive customer reviews in a visually appealing way and implementing those assets into your content personalization strategy will undoubtedly push your product/service to the front of your prospect’s mind as they move through the decision stage. If they recognize satisfaction in a customer that was in a similar situation to their current one, they’re far more likely to make a purchase.

What Content Will Move The Prospect Along In The Journey?

At this point in the buyer’s journey, your content personalization efforts have nurtured your prospect with the same love and care a mother gives to its child, allowing your sales team to convert. However, the job is not done until your client has successfully implemented your product or service into their marketing strategy with a smile on their face. Even then, content personalization can play a large role in ensuring that this new client remains loyal when renewal time comes around. Providing a steady drip of how-to videos and product guides will continue to nurture the relationship by teaching the new client how to use your product/service efficiently and effectively.

From anonymous website visitor to loyal customer, your prospect deserves a user experience that satisfies their needs throughout every stage of the buyer’s journey, and beyond. Prepare yourself with an arsenal of creative content assets and the right content personalization tool, and you’ll find your lead generation and conversion reaching new heights. To learn more about content personalization – just click here:


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