Personalizing Content to the Buyer’s Journey Part 2: The Consideration Stage

November 10, 2015 Tim Ludy

Content personalization means more than getting the right content to the right people – it also has to be at the right time. Tailoring your content to each stage of the buyer’s journey will ensure your content stays with them seamlessly through the decision making process. Last week we covered The Awareness Stage. If you haven’t read that, go back and check it out. If you have…

Congratulations! You’ve successfully grabbed the attention of a prospective client by guiding them through the Awareness stage of the buyer’s journey!

With the undying need to generate more leads, this achievement should never go uncelebrated. However, there is much work left to be done before lead generation becomes lead conversion. Your prospect has now entered the most competitive stage in the buyer’s journey. Having clearly defined and given a name to their problem or opportunity, they are now committed to researching and understanding all of the available solutions.

Stage 2: Consideration

I love this chart about the reasons to keep considering stuff:

Personalizing Content to the Buyer’s Journey Part 2: The Consideration Stage

It’s quite different when you think about it in the context of the Buyer Journey. Your arsenal of personalized content has intrigued and informed your prospect in the early stage of the buyer’s journey, but your grasp on this business opportunity is far from secure.

According to Pardot’s State of Demand Generation report, 70% of buyers return to Google at least 2-3 times during the course of their research, weighing their options and diving deeper into what each company offers. This is your chance to set your product or service apart from the rest by nurturing your prospect with personalized, relevant, and above-all solution-based content.

Like the previous stage, we will help you analyze what content got them here, what content will nurture them in this stage, and what content will move them comfortably to the next step in their journey.

What Content Got Them Here?

While your SEO tactics are likely to be credited for your prospect’s first visit to your website, it is your personalized content that kept them there.

Instead of immediately bombarding the website visitor with an onslaught of product/service offers, your content personalization tools recognized the navigation patterns of your prospect, identified key words, and executed relevant content suggestions that kept the prospect intrigued, and informed. Your top-level, broad-topic content assets (blogs, e-books, analytics reports, etc.) may seem like smaller projects in the grand scheme of your content marketing strategy, but they played a monumental role in helping your brand become recognized as a thought leader, and more importantly, a trusted source for answers.

What Content Will Nurture Them In This Stage?

Give your top-level content assets a quick high five, and let them get back to work. It’s time to bring out the problem solvers. In the Consideration Stage of the buyer’s journey, your prospect needs answers.

Think back to the man/woman with high cholesterol. In the awareness stage, you provided them with the information they needed to realize they’ve been lacking a consistent workout/nutrition regimen. In this fictional situation, your content personalization tool would recognize this, and provide the prospect with expert guides, webinars, and comparison pages that showcase your nutritional supplements and workout regimens as the primary solution to a healthier lifestyle. In marketing, whether your prospect is interested in proving ROI or increasing lead conversion, your site needs to be supplying content that shows them exactly how your product/service will help them achieve those goals, without sounding too pushy.

Hint: The content you’re providing in this stage is extremely valuable. A great content personalization effort will implement gated content into this stage, requiring the prospect to hand over their contact information in exchange for content that provides precise solutions exactly when they need them.

What Content Will Move The Prospect Along In The Journey?

At this point in the buyer’s journey, you’re so close to nurturing your lead right into the hands of your sales team. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity by giving the prospect something they don’t want, and more importantly don’t need. According to a JanRain study, 74% of consumers get frustrated when website content appears that has nothing to do with their interests. A personalized user experience keeps them moving confidently and comfortably in the right direction as your site predicts their next move.

After learning about the solutions available and the tools they need to achieve their goal(s), your prospect will naturally move to the decision stage. This is where your prior successes can be leveraged into great content, showing the prospect that the answer to all of their problems is right under their nose (No, not a great mustache, it’s your product/service!). The box in which you wrap your content is still much less important than the message inside. Whether it’s an e-book that cleverly pairs your product/service with improving ROI, or a webinar that provides a step by step process for how to prove ROI to the executives, the content at the end of this stage must begin to identify your offerings as the perfect solution to the prospect’s problem.

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