Marketing Agencies – 4 Ways to Fit The Right Solution For Each Client

March 17, 2016 Merav Zaks

Every client deserves white glove service, but the glove of each service doesn’t always fit the hand of every client. Many marketing agency offers a wide array of value that has been tailored to address the problems their clients face. However, not every solution is interchangeable in the grand puzzle of customer needs.


Hopefully, your offerings are broad enough to be applied to the majority of your prospects and current clients, but not all of these have to be “one size fits all.” As an agency, one of your biggest struggles likely lies within the process of pairing your solutions with a particular client. In an ideal world, every client would sign up for your full suite of services as you ride off into the sunset of digital marketing success together. However, the road to a perfect partnership between agency and client is not always so smooth. To help pave that road, below are four ways to find the right agency solution for your clients.

  1. Know Your Clients

As a marketer, knowing your prospects, and of course your current clients, is the biggest component in piecing together a successful partnership. Selling additional services and products to current clients provides a huge opportunity, as you’re able to identify their problems and concerns through monthly conversations. However, it can be difficult to manage the variety of personalities that live among the clients you currently work with. This makes it extremely important to keep track of client engagement, pick up on tendencies and strategically insert additional services into conversations when appropriate.

Aside from the partnerships you already have, the most difficult part of the process is pitching solutions to new clients. Pairing your offerings with a new client can often feel like a complicated and convoluted game. Instead of blindly chasing them down with your most popular service, analyze how they’ve interacted with your site, what types of content they’ve engaged with and start a conversation surrounding their pain points.

  1. Know Your Services

Your offerings are your legacy in the industry. They are what bring your customers really value. Most services and products fit within the three main areas of a company’s digital presence: online advertising, social Media and the website itself (website content, design, optimization, etc.).

Whatever your services may be, you need to know exactly which problems they address, and exactly how they’re going to conquer those problems. Not every client is going to need your full suite of solutions to improve their business. Some need to raise their overall revenue, while others are simply looking to build a more effective social media strategy. This is where the blend between knowing yourself and knowing your client comes in handy.

  1. Reload and Repurpose Your Content

Repurposing and repackaging your content across multiple channels ensures that your wide range of clients and prospects have the opportunity to engage with it. Often times, an infographic can turn into a blog post, which can then be used as the backbone for a whitepaper. It’s all about having a remedy that addresses the ailments your clients face, presented in a way that fits their mindset.

You can even get away with using a strategy that worked for one client with another. For example, if a Twitter poll was successful for your tech client, you might try it for a lifestyle client. The same idea applies to creating multiple content pieces for a single customer. If that Twitter poll generated a great conversation for your tech client, apply those themes to their next webinar.

  1. Keep Things Personal

It’s amazing how clear things will become for you, and your client, when you bring personalization into the mix. By implementing a content personalization tool into your website, you create a path of least resistance for your clients. By suggesting only the most relevant content to each individual on your site, a successful content personalization strategy ensures that your client is being nurtured in every stage of their buying journey. By the time they’re finished navigating your website, you should have a clear idea of what service or product they need. And at this point, they should too. No more shooting in the dark, no more guessing, and no more unsatisfied clients (we can only hope).

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