Insights from The Marketing Nation Summit 2015

April 15, 2015 Asaf Rothem

We’re just coming out of The Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco.

The event hosted some 6,000 attendees, dozens of sessions and the quality was very high, almost without exceptions. Good job, Marketo.

Here is what everyone was talking about:


Cross channel and devise – with the buyer journey being so fragmented, and with prospects skipping stages within the marketing-sales funnel, utilizing every touchpoint with prospects is crucial. Even more so when the majority of Digital Media consumption now takes place in mobile apps. Marketo used The Summit to introduce their mobile product – one of 5 new product launches they announced. Embodying mobile into your strategy in 2015 appears perhaps a bit late, but as the saying goes, “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now”. So here’s to second best, Marketo :) 

Predictive analytics – thanks to online marketing, literally all companies are now sitting on what we called “big data” just a couple of years ago. Harvesting insights from this data is a growing business, and even more so in trying to gain marketing insights. Companies such as Fliptop and SalesPredict, provide the next generation of lead scoring and predictive analytics. They look at contact profile, behavioral information and other data from CRM and marketing-automation systems. Then, by crossing this data with third-party sources, these companies detect patterns that rule-based scoring methods or pure gut instinct simply miss out on. According to Venture Beat this is now very popular even among smaller companies, with under $50 million in annual turnover. BUT 0 there’s more here to do – the key is to respond in real time, otherwise your fighting last year’s war. More on this in our coming posts.

Conversions – well there really is nothing new with this problem, but with the ever evolving buyer journey, conversions become more and more elusive. Obviously, BrightInfo is in this field for these exact reasons, but other companies such as Uberflip and LookBookHQ now take on this field with a variety of solutions, some work better than others, and most can probably work together to provide customers with a more complete solution.

With all 3 topics being at the heart of what we do, we feel BrightInfo was received extremely well – more so than we dared to hope. We also feel very good with our strategic decision to take on the massive challenges of the fragmented buyer journey and the not-anymore-linear marketing funnel, and delivering a solution in real-time.

Read more about engaging anonymous visitors here:

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