INBOUND15 Special Update: BrightInfo and HubSpot Expand Integration Partnership

September 11, 2015 Asaf Rothem

At a special announcement at INBOUND15 HubSpot named BrightInfo as one of the HubSpot Connect integration partners. Here we will walk you through the benefits of the integration and how it was just expanded.

INBOUND15 Special Update: BrightInfo and HubSpot Expand Integration Partnership

What does BrightInfo add to HubSpot?

BrightInfo offers a fully automated, no setup needed, way to personalize your website, blog and landing pages for your anonymous visitors. Without any rules to setup and without any need to know anything about this audience, BrightInfo automatically offers each of them the most relevant marketing offers from your marketing content in order to engage with them and walk them individually through the buyer journey.

While HubSpot is a great platform to engage known visitors or target groups of unknown visitors by geography or other high level parameters, it doesn’t offer individual personalization for anonymous visitors.

“HubSpot is on a mission to bring inbound to everyone and part of that is helping our customers focus on the quality of interactions with their customers company-wide,“ said Brian Halligan, CEO & co-founder of HubSpot. “HubSpot Connect extends the power of the HubSpot platform by integrating with top-performing tools used across departments to attract, engage and delight customers. It’s about building seamless connections between technologies so that companies can focus on building seamless relationships with their customers.”

BrightInfo’s cloud solution has been proven to increase online conversions by up to 76% while dramatically reducing the cost per lead for businesses of all sizes. Leveraging the business existing online marketing materials, BrightInfo dynamically delivers personal, relevant content recommendations to each anonymous visitor based on digital behaviors, pages read and stage in the buying journey. With optimized solutions for corporate websites, blogs and landing pages, recommendations are made across every online interaction automatically and advance anonymous visitors through the buyer journey toward becoming customers or prospects.

How individual targeting complements HubSpot
• Convert more visitors: Delivering a personal experience with focused offers means you will engage and convert more of your audience. As simple as that.
• Deliver a truly personal experience: Even if two different visitors from the same firm take an interest in your business, it obviously doesn’t mean they both want the same product or offering. This is why offering each a next step based on their journey, interest and crowd behavior leads to a better experience which in turn is translating to more engagement and conversions.
• Accelerating the buyer journey: Relevant contextual offers increase content consumption, so more visitors consume content. This means your visitors advance faster in the buyer journey and again, while complementing your basic segmentation rules
• Additional analytics: With more insights into your individual visitors you can build better buyer personas and further optimize your content strategy and web pages

New Integration Supports HubSpot SmartLists

Following the success of the first generation integration with joint customers of HubSpot and BrightInfo, and based on joint customer demand, the companies have added support of HubSpot SmartLists in the BrightInfo content recommendations. What this means is that HubSpot customers who have created SmartLists and persona focused content can now increase the ROI of this effort by having BrightInfo leverage that content for the specific personas, areas of the customer Website, etc.

Other capabilities included in the integrations

The BrightInfo HubSpot Integration provides the following benefits:
• Differentiate between known contacts and anonymous visitors and target them differently
• Enrich BrightInfo-assisted contacts within HubSpot with extra data for tracking and analysis
• Store contacts generated through BrightInfo dynamic forms directly into HubSpot automatically

BrightInfo for HubSpot Agency Partners

BrightInfo recently launched an Agency Partnership Program, providing the following benefits:
• Free partner training and support
• Use of BrightInfo for your agency at a fraction of its price
• Joint marketing opportunities

To learn about our Agency partners and get more information please visit

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