How to double the odds for your landing pages – and gain valuable insights

March 19, 2015 Haim Cohen Mintz

Conversion (AKA Landing) pages are critical to businesses. Typically the better they perform the better your business performs. A HubSpot research of more than 4,000 businesses found that businesses with 31 to 40 landing pages generated 7 times more leads than businesses with only 1 to 5 landing pages. But not all landing pages are born equal. Some convert better than others. When optimizing landing pages businesses typically look at the page performance (load time), quality of content (usability, clarity), page design, the population you drive to that page – its quality, source, etc. and strength of the offer in return for your visitor’s contact details. But what if we told you your landing doesn’t need to rely on just one offer (AKA Call to Action – CTA) or one Text?

Showing 2 landing pages for the price of one

Landing pages should be very focused and optimized, so the visitor can ideally immediately understand the value offered and take a clear action. However, landing pages are notorious for high abandonment. Most visitors will decide not to provide their contact details and will exit the page. In this case for most websites these visitors are lost forever…unless you target them with Exit Intent offers. If you already know a new visitor that hadn’t converted on your pages is about to be lost, why not show them something else that may actually work…see example below:landing popup

How does it work?

Exit intent technology looks at mouse movement and engagement with the landing page to conclude if a visitor is heading out the door. It is key to target just anonymous visitors that hadn’t converted yet and not overwhelm existing/known prospects. Once exit intent is detected one of several popup units can show up or slide in and get the visitor’s attention in with an alternative offer to keep engagement level high. Content Targeting technology can be useful to make sure the visitors only get highly relevant offers that will engage them.

Gaining extra insights

Once you get your landing pages to offer 2 offers per visitor instead of one you also gain more insights. Imagine for example that you have a new campaign and that for some reason it under performs compared to others. You really need to work extra hard to understand if it’s the page design, the offer, the text, the audience…which is very hard. But if you use alternative exit intent offers you can monitor their results and compare them to the original landing page for extra insights. For example lets assume both the original landing page and the exit offers gain low click rate – it’s a very strong indication that your audience for the campaign is wrong as each of them is seeing 2 offers and is not happy with either of them…

Lots of positives

By making your landing pages offer 2 offers instead of one you gain lots of benefits, and there is really no downside, as you only target the visitors who are heading out the door and are anonymous…so why not?

Benefits are:

  • Higher conversion rates
  • Lower bounce
  • Better insights

To learn more about optimizing landing page take a look at our infographics “[Infographic]: Six simple ways to reduce bounce on B2B landing pages (and boost leads)”

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