How marketing agencies increase client retention

February 12, 2015 Asaf Rothem

This case study shows how marketing agencies can scale their customer’s business – and increase client retention – with BrightInfo


Market Loyal is a marketing agency with the mission to provide multi-location businesses and franchises with a hyper local online strategy that generates better reviews, higher website traffic and better visibility by the millions of people searching for local products and services. The 4 core areas Market Loyal operates in are:

  • Hyper Local Strategies
  • Content Marketing
  • Reputation
  • Mobile Marketing

Dustin DeTorres is a founder at Market Loyal. Dustin realized there was a gap in the industry where converting anonymous visitors is still a challenge, especially after optimizing websites for SEO and increasing online audience. Dustin decided to look for a fully automated conversion optimization solution to complement content marketing tactics and better leverage traffic increase at customers. Dustin found the solution by partnering with BrightInfo – which automatically increase online conversion up to 80%.

Here is a summary of the results:

Content targeting helps marketing agencies scale their business

The challenge: Conversion Optimization, turning web traffic into $

Market Loyal specializes in helping multi-location businesses, associations and franchises. They help their customers increase their audience by deploying techniques such as content marketing, mobile marketing, scalable Local SEO, website design and optimization. However with more and more clients, Market Loyal was looking to add to its’ portfolio an easy way to increase conversion from all this traffic/audience building in order to maximize the ROI for their customers. Market Loyal knew they needed to find the right solution to add to their arsenal, a solution that answered their needs:

  • Easy to setup
  • Showing an immediate ROI
  • Can be customized and tuned for the more advanced customers
  • Complements Market Loyal Mobile, SEO and Content Marketing expertise

Methodology: closing the loop in-site

Since most companies spend less than 5% of their marketing budget on conversion optimization, Market Loyal saw an opportunity to generate more leads by slightly changing the balance of spending. Their solution consists of a combination of content marketing, local/mobile marketing and SEO that drives audiences to their customer websites:

[1] Creating quality content that is SEO friendly
[2] Distribution on social media and on mobile
[3] Closing the loop in-site, using BrightInfo’s conversion optimization

Using BrightInfo’s automated service, Market Loyal is able to engage individual anonymous visitors with the best possible content for each individual user in real time, providing them with a personalized experience and encouraging them to engage with the company. As the Market Loyal team learned quickly, activating BrightInfo just requires placement of a small Java Script on the customer website. Everything is automated, and runs on existing content and traffic, so there’s no need to invest resources in the daily operation. This allows the team to invest its time in strategic planning and creating an audience for their brands – two very time consuming tasks. BrightInfo also provides its partners with seamless integration to marketing automation systems such as Eloqua, Marketo and HubSpot, triggering their lead nurturing faster than ever.

Outcome: generating results and selling more services

The results from using this new method with several customers in different industries helped Market Loyal increase customer engagement and revenue, improve the ROI for its customers and increase client retention. Overall, the agency enjoyed:

  • 1.35X Increase in retainer client revenues
  • 2X increase in average length of a contract
  • 1.7X increase in average income per client

Market Loyal customers experience a significant increase in online form conversions of up to 80%, as more visitors were directed to gated content offers that matched their interest. In addition, consumption of their customer’s content assets increased by up to 250% as visitors responded well for content that best suited their interest and buyer journey phase. A screen shot of BrightInfo’s dashboard for one of Market Loyal customers:

MarketLoyal scales its customer's business with BrightInfo

Market Loyal continues to use BrightInfo as an integral part of their offering, providing real time personalization for individual anonymous online visitors, increasing the ROI from their content marketing, SEO and mobile marketing efforts further, and making sure their every action is fully backed by data.

Co-founder Dustin DeTorres“BrightInfo is the perfect solution for agencies that rely on inbound and content marketing. It allows us the flexibility to use BrightInfo without any customization for our smaller accounts on one hand and to spend the efforts of customizing BrightInfo and leveraging its sophisticated analytics for our more advanced customers.” – Dustin DeTorres, Co-Founder, Market Loyal

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