Business2Community Publication grows Premium Content Revenue 300% with BrightInfo

May 11, 2015 Boaz Grinvald

Learn how in minutes Business2Community increased sponsored content consumption by 300% while generating more leads for their sponsors

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The Challenge

Business2Community is one of the most popular business publications on the web, according to external sources, with millions of monthly visitors. The publication provides a balanced view of the current business landscape based on industry news and trends, as well as the real-life experiences from over 10,000 expert contributors.

Formed and run by digital marketing experts Brian Rice and Dan Criel, Business2Community is leveraging many advanced advertising solutions and each page on the publication is optimized for maximum effectiveness.

One of the fast growing advertising opportunities that Business2Community offers is sponsored white paper downloads. Business2Community wanted to maximize the advertising revenue from their sponsored white papers with content targeting technology, offering the most relevant white papers to each individual visitor. Specifically, the team had the following requirements:

  • All automated, no setup, no administration technology
  • Floating display layout that will not take away any of the existing ad space
  • Robust technology that can cater to millions of monthly visitors
  • Cross device, responsive display

“With the average banner ad having a 0.1% click through rate (CTR) and with banner blindness – we knew we needed a better way to promote our premium content” says Brian Rice, Founder at Business2Community. “While our general advertising strategy worked well for us, I wanted to increase audience conversion from premium sponsored content with native, personal content offers to each individual anonymous visitor”

The Solution

Business2Community signed up for the BrightInfo cloud service that targets anonymous visitors with personal, dynamic content recommendations from within the website sponsored content as they browse around or leave it.

Activating BrightInfo took minutes and just required placement of a small Java Script on the Business2Community web pages and customizing the BrightInfo look by selecting a few menu options. Once activated, BrightInfo’s unique targeting algorithm helped Business2Community leverage their premium sponsored content by automatically recommending online visitors relevant items from the white papers available.

In addition, when new anonymous visitors decided to leave without downloading white papers, BrightInfo’s solution offered them automatically one last personal content offer as a way to keep them engaged.

Since BrightInfo is an add-on solution the Business2Community team wasn’t required to change anything on their content or website to activate BrightInfo.

 “BrightInfo was setup in minutes and immediately increased conversions from our website audience by recommending the right white paper to each visitor,” notes Rice. “Everything worked well right out of the box.”

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The Result

Business2Community experienced an immediate uplift in online conversions for sponsored white papers, without any other change to their website. Using BrightInfo’s automated service, Business2Community was able to expose individual anonymous visitors to the best possible content for them in real time, providing them with a personalized experience and encouraging them to download more sponsored content.

Within the trial period the measurable results were a 300% increase in white paper downloads from BrightInfo recommendations.

Business2Community continues to use BrightInfo to provide real time personalization for individual anonymous online visitors, increasing the ROI from their sponsored content section further.

“I am thrilled with the 300% increase in sponsored content downloads from BrightInfo. This represents tremendous growth to our leads program revenue! I recommend BrightInfo for every publisher that wants to increase sponsored content revenue – in minutes” observes Rice.

To read more about how BrightInfo helps customer grow revenue see our case studies section

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