An Introduction to Account Based Marketing

January 28, 2016 Merav Zaks

Staying afloat in B2B marketing often means keeping your head above water in a sea of buzzwords. In a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, thought leaders are continuously creating new terms to describe the latest and greatest strategies in digital marketing. Account Based Marketing (ABM) is one that is quickly evolving from buzzword to reality.

Account Based Marketing

ABM is, in many ways, a 180-degree rotation from your typical marketing model.

Often times, B2B marketers pour their efforts into broad-reaching marketing tactics to build wide-spread awareness around their product or service, generating a large batch of leads ready to be nurtured. On the other hand, ABM flips the funnel upside down by focusing your marketing resources on a small number of strategically selected accounts.

Think of it like fishing. A typical marketing strategy involves casting many lines into a broad ocean of potential customers. When fishing with ABM, you’re essentially casting your lines into a small bucket filled with a few really big fish. There’s no secret as to why so many B2B companies are becoming attracted to Account Based Marketing.

Here is how it works: Since each company has its own dedicated IP address (or many), it is easy to identify people coming from that company by looking at IP addresses. So if you want to target an account (or a number of accounts), you can target those IP addresses specifically, ensuring you are marketing to the correct group of people in the most efficient way possible.

Most of our clients already familiar with automated personalized content marketing, and use our engine to personalize and present the relevant content automatically without defining a different message to different specific clients. However, sometimes you want to focus your efforts and message to specific targeted account. Therefore we have recently launched our new tools to help you target a specific IP or geography.

Watch out for our upcoming White paper, where we will guide you through your journey to a successful ABM campaign.

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