A Bleak Look at a World Without Content Personalization

October 7, 2015 Einat Hirsch

Let’s play a game called “use your imagination.” Close your eyes (actually, please keep them open and continue reading) and imagine yourself in a world without personalization:

A world without content personalization


*Queue flashback (or flashforward) effect*

You’re a young, bright and ambitious marketer looking to build the brand of the company you work for (or even created). While your knowledge of your industry is top-notch and your work ethic is unmatched, you are very aware that there are other sources out there that can be of great assistance to you in constructing a successful brand image.

After plugging away at your favorite search engine in hopes of finding the next ingredient to your marketing mix, you begin to read about the importance of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing has quickly changed from a luxury to a necessity in the world of marketing, and it’s time that you learn some best practices and begin to incorporate inbound into your company’s marketing strategy. And look! A link to a blog post titled “The Beginners Guide to Inbound Marketing Best Practices.” (Thanks Google).

You read the post, and it successfully brushes the surface of inbound marketing. But, you are miles away from executing your first campaign. Hungry to learn more, you glance over at the suggested posts. They read:

“Email Marketing: A thing of the past?”
“10 Things Your Brand Can Learn From The Kardashians”
“How To Dress Your Brand Up For Halloween!”

You wonder, “What do these posts have to do with what I just read?” And the answer is the saddest thing of all: absolutely nothing. Back to Google you go.

A world without personalization is a world with higher bounce rates, lower conversions and endless disappointment due to a horrible User Experience. This is a world controlled by the Nigerian Prince and his one-email-fits-all-approach.

Imagine seeing this situation through the eyes of a marketer working at the fictitious website that published the first post you read about inbound marketing. If they could follow your journey to their site (and then away from it) they would crumble at the knees when they realize the opportunity they missed.

Without personalization, optimizing your website to meet the interests of your prospective clients is a guessing game largely based on broad segmentation. Hoping to keep the attention of your target market as a whole is not a sufficient plan when so many individuals visit your site with a specific intention in their mind. Instead of allowing the prospect to naturally move along the buyer journey, your on-site campaigns become too “one size fits all” oriented, relying heavily on calls to action and intriguing headlines.

Today’s prospects will navigate away from a site the second they’re not seeing exactly what they need. Getting someone to your website is arguably the most difficult task, but keeping them there should never be overlooked. Without personalization, your site might as well be nothing more than a non-profit information database.

Content personalization, also known as content targeting, is becoming an extremely important tool in keeping a prospect engaged throughout the buyer journey. Janrain, a company that specializes in customer relationship management, reports that 74% of online consumers are frustrated with websites offering content that has absolutely nothing to do with their interests.

While 67% of consumers wish to see more personalization on websites, only 29% of marketers are investing in tools that will help them provide that to their prospects. With this obvious demand, and the growing recognition of it, companies who personalize content for their website visitors will undoubtedly begin to distance themselves from those who fail to recognize customer needs.

While some have made the jump into the previously fictitious world of content personalization, many marketers and consumers alike still suffer from mass emails and irrelevant content suggestions.

What does the future of content personalization (with or without it) look like to you? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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