6 reasons you need to meet BrightInfo at the Marketo Summit

April 2, 2015 Asaf Rothem

We are 10 days away from Marketo’s Summit convention, and we are super excited to showcase a few things we’ve been working on for a while. So make sure you pay booth #30 a visit, meet us in person, and see the latest excitement from BrightInfo. Here is what you’ll get in return:

Meeting at Marketo Summit 2015

we are excellent hand shakers

1] A quantified, real numbers estimation, of what BrightInfo can do for you
The data from working with hundreds of clients enables us to estimate how BrightInfo’s solutions can impact your website, blog or landing pages. So let us do the math and see how we can increase conversion rate, boost lead generation and reduce bounce rate – all according to the industry you’re competing in.

2] Discover a few new tricks that are being added to our analytics reports
We know that creating great content is tough. Even tougher is to match that with different users. Part of it we do automatically. But our new features will help you know how to improve your content and your content ROI.

3] A live demo of how we do our magic
See for yourself as the magicians unleash their mighty algorithm on real websites, and generate double digit lead generation growth out of thin air, and understand why BrightInfo+Marketo = Larger Pipeline.

4] A great offer
We are so excited about Marketo Summit 2015 that we accidentally activated our generosity gene. The outcome is an offer that you really should not miss out on, and will be available – you guessed it! – for a limited time only.

5] A look at our native Marketo Integration
See firsthand how BrightInfo grows your Marketo lead base as well as enriches your Marketo leads data.

6] Special bonus for the Marketo Summit: an interesting conversation
We have piled up an excellent list of conversation topics, so you can get to know us a little bit. We’re that nice!

So here you go – 6 good reasons to come and pay us a visit if you’re around. If you want some one on one time, just email us – info@brightinfo.com – and we’ll do our best to squeeze you in our tight schedule.

Special offer available during April only

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