3 Ways Personalization Can Increase the ROI of Your Agency Services

December 24, 2015 Gideon Thomas


Your job as a marketing agency begins with proving the importance of what you offer. Whether it’s creating content, SEO, or social media management, the bulk of your work lives in identifying your product/service as the solution to a prospect’s problem. The time and money you invest does not always translate into happy customers and returns on those investments. You need to ensure that your clients are meeting their goals as a result of your offerings to truly build a positive ROI for your agency’s services. As you probably know, there is a huge difference between talking about expected ROI, and actually measuring it. Visual approximation:

3 Ways Personalization Can Increase the ROI of Your Agency Services

With a traditional marketing strategy, generating and converting leads (and even retaining current clients) is an educated guessing game where risk has often trumped reward. There are countless analytical tools that paint a vivid, yet complicated picture of your target market, but so fewer tools to help you make the on-the-spot decisions required to keep conversions and ROI moving skyward. For some, this issue has turned dreams into nightmares, and hard work into wasted time. However, many agencies are sleeping well at night after adding content personalization as an additional service.

Below are 3 ways content personalization can increase the ROI of your agency services.

Increase in Client’s Lead Generation/conversion
This is often the dilemma that brings prospects to your door in the first place. Whether your agency focuses on generating traffic through SEO and social media, or optimizing the actual website through design and content generation (or all of the above), the addition of content personalization will immediately create a lead nurturing experience for website visitors in every stage of the buyer’s journey.

57% of the customer purchase decision is complete before a customer even contacts the business, and with 98% of website visitors being anonymous, there’s very little these companies can do to predict what that customer decision will be. Content personalization recognizes key words in the content the prospect has previously consumed, and provides the most relevant content suggestions and offers to meet the needs of the prospect in real time. As your clients monitor the navigation patters and content consumption of these masked visitors, they will begin to update their buyer persona, allowing you to plan future content assets more efficiently.

Decreasing the client’s cost per lead
Content personalization helps your clients (and your agency) save money. Hearing the term “save money” in business is magic to the ears, but seeing it come to fruition is a true thing of beauty. Implementing a content personalization strategy is extremely simple and cost-effective when you find the right tool. The easy set-up and seamless integration allows you to focus on strategy – not on daily operations. Implementing a content personalization strategy into a client’s website immediately optimizes the user experience, utilizing the content that already exists on the site to provide a personalized journey that is specific to the anonymous visitor. In a sense, you’re empowering the website to generate leads for you.

Content personalization is the epitome of ROI. You’re paying (and doing) so little to implement this strategy, yet your clients are guaranteed to see an increase in online conversions. Everything with this type of tool is fully automated, as it works for free around the clock to nurture every lead and guide every anonymous prospect to the next stage of the buyer’s journey through relevant and intriguing content. It’s a wonderful thing to see an extremely small investment on your end have such a monumental impact to your client’s revenue.

Increase your customer retention
Most of us are very familiar with the 80/20 rule. 80% of your future profits come from just 20% of your existing customers. While attaining new leads is a huge benefit of content personalization, your most likely source for revenue is right under your nose, waiting to be nurtured.

A personalized user experience does not only apply to the anonymous website visitor you’re hoping to learn more about. The ROI of your services skyrocket when current clients sign up for new services or extend the length of their contracts. Implementing content personalization into your own website provides a well of answers for a client looking to gain more from what you can offer as an agency. With so much of the content on your site geared toward generating new leads, it can be overwhelming for a client to wade through the blog posts and whitepapers that have no relevance to them. A content personalization strategy means providing a unique, personal user experience that continues to live long after the final stage of the buyer’s journey.

Personalization is essential in growing the business of your customers, and your own. With the implementation of a good personalization tool, you are bound to see the ROI of your agency services move skyward, parallel to the online conversions your customers will experience.

Can your agency utilize personalization to increase the ROI of your services? Schedule a demo and let’s find out:

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