3 content marketing metrics that drive conversions

April 28, 2015 Asaf Rothem

It is estimated that 78% of CMOs see custom content as the future of marketing, and over 90% of marketers use it. So organizations are placing a good portion of their eggs in the content basket, so to speak. In fact, on average, marketers now spend more than 25% of their budgets on content marketing (Source: DemandMetric).

However the math on the consumption side is less optimistic. Just 10-20% of a company’s web content drives 90% of its Web traffic; and a mere 0.5% drives more than half its web traffic. (Source: InboundWriter).web analytics

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Clearly, there’s a lot of effort put into creating content to help brands get found online and engage with their audiences, however most of that effort goes to waste.

Here are 3 metrics to help you put your content to better use, by better tracking the way it helps you convert your audience to prospects or customers.

1. % content engagement

Sounds simple but pretty important to track and compare with peers. Here you basically want to make sure a high enough % of your online audience engages with your marketing content. What you want to measure is the % of visitors that actually engaged with you premium online content, as your goal is to move them forward (with the help of that content) through the online funnel. Typically this is done with premium content and not plain Web pages. So here you want to measure engagement with videos, case studies, brochures, eBooks, Webinars, downloads…Obviously the higher the % this is better, as it means more visitors see more of your marketing content aimed at helping them take another step in your funnel which is great.

2. Top engagement topics

When you create content regularly about your business this content must be diversified enough to keep your audience engaged and not bored. So you must have been trying different topics on your blog or White Papers section, possibly even different videos. At some times titles such as “5 mistakes to avoid at…” are popular and other times “6 ways to kickoff your…” are seen everywhere. If you keep a close eye on the top converting topics, across time you will be able to focus your writing on these topics and increase conversions by trimming down on the less converting topics. Make sure not to confuse Format and Topics as some formats are harder to consume than others or in some industries some formats are more popular than others. So for example if you write an eBook about a topic and it’s NOT working great for you check to see if other variations on the topic such as videos are not working well, too, compared to your other videos as a way to rule out format as the real issue here.

3. Conversion Assist content

Not all content is created equal and this is why you want to make sure you measure things properly. When measuring your top converting content you are basically measuring your end of the online funnel. But different prospects may behave differently online when engaging with your content and so not all of them have passed the exact same path on their way to your online conversion destination. Understanding the top “assisting” content on path to conversion can help you better understand your audience, better understand their online buyer journey and also make sure you don’t throw out content that may not be converting but is very critical to your conversion path. So here you want to make sure which open/unlocked content was consumed by your online audience before converting. This open content can include the likes of web pages, brochures, blog posts, videos etc. – all consumed BEFORE getting to the items that required conversion and turned your anonymous visitor into a lead or a customer.

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