Virtual Bridges lands 24% More Leads with BrightInfo (Within Minutes of Sign-Up)

August 31, 2015 Maxim Donde

vbridgesLearn first hand how you can provide a personal experience to your online visitors without any effort whatsoever…with the key benefit of generating lots of new leads for you (immediately). Virtual Bridges Vice President of Marketing Tanya White tells you how…

The Challenge

Founded in 2006, Virtual Bridges pioneered the workload virtualization industry with a purpose-built solution for desktop virtualization. Now, by extending the reach and the value of workload virtualization with a strategic move into the cloud, the company is changing the way IT organizations of every size meet the needs of the enterprise user and IT operations.

Virtual Bridges online marketing strategy relies on a combination of ad campaigns and inbound marketing that generates traffic. Once visitors arrive at their website, the company leverages content marketing to drive visitor engagement and conversion, using dozens of content items and an active blog. Virtual Bridges wanted to maximize the ROI of its content and online traffic by minimizing bounce and increasing conversion of anonymous browsing visitors.

Concerned that visitors would not see the forest (of content) for the trees, Virtual Bridges decided to explore a solution that would help new visitors get quickly to the most relevant content and thus move faster through the buyer journey.

“Recent market research suggests that B2B buyers touch up over half a dozen assets before they ever engage with sales,” says Tanya White , vice president of marketing at Virtual Bridges. “Our space is high-tech and can be confusing to newcomers. We needed intelligent ways to help our anonymous online visitors find the content they need in order to make informed decisions about their next step. Encouraging them to engage and connect with us maximizes every unique visit.”

The Solution

To guide anonymous visitors quickly toward becoming potential leads, Virtual Bridges adopted BrightInfo cloud service for dynamic content recommendation. By plugging BrightInfo metrics into their Act-On marketing automation solution, they could easily track increases in online engagement and conversions on their existing platform.

BrightInfo unique targeting algorithm helped Virtual Bridges maximize use of their existing content by automatically recommending the most relevant content marketing items to the individual anonymous visitors without any manual effort from Virtual Bridges marketing team and without any change to their website or landing pages.

“It was a pleasant surprise to see BrightInfo up and running in minutes. BrightInfo immediately began dynamically recommending the most relevant marketing content items to anonymous visitors using its unique targeting mechanism,” notes White. “There was no integration or customization needed, and it was easy to link BrightInfo into our marketing automation software, Act-On.“

vbridges widget

The BrightInfo Recommended Content window accompanies visitors through the Virtual Bridges  website and blog or engages departing visitors.

vbridges screen

The Result

Virtual Bridges started to use BrightInfo in Jan. 2014 and immediately experienced an uplift in leads and engagement, without any other change to their website. Using BrightInfo’s automated service, Virtual Bridges was able to expose anonymous visitors to the best possible content for them immediately and in real time, helping them move quickly through the buyer journey and encouraging them to connect with the company.

Within the 30 day trial the measurable result was a 24% increase in online form conversions as more visitors signed up for more premium content. The company also noted lower bounce rates and an increase in content consumption.

Virtual Bridges continues to use BrightInfo to increase the ROI from their content marketing investment and help anonymous online visitors to easily engage with the company. Through the BrightInfo built in reporting and the Act-On reporting Virtual Bridges see a steady ongoing increase in their website conversion and engagement metrics.

“My team was skeptical at first but are now believers. I’m very happy with the additional leads and the substantial increase in content marketing ROI. Most importantly, I know that our online visitors are finding what they need” observes White.

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