Learn How SmartBear Uses Content Recommendation to Maximize Engagement

August 31, 2015 Maxim Donde

SmartBear Uses BrightInfo to Maximize Content Engagement – discussion with Adam Barker, Inbound Marketing Manager.

More than one million developers, testers and operations professionals use SmartBear software tools to ensure the quality and performance of their APIs, mobile, cloud-based and Web applications. SmartBear’s company blog is read by approximately 80,000 individuals each month. However, many of the readers were not getting content recommendations tailored to them or content that had the highest probability of influencing sales.

Goal: Driving Blog Traffic to Company Sites and Leads

Adam Barker, Inbound Marketing Manager at SmartBear, needed a solution to drive additional traffic from the blog to the website and encourage visitors to download a whitepaper or an eBook and complete a registration form.
smartbear blog-to-site

Solid Alternatives Proved to be Heavy on Manpower and Light on Results

Barker had previously implemented a WordPress recommendation engine – but found management labor-intensive and that links were often broken soon after being added to the site. With SmartBear adding one or two blog posts or other type of content (eBooks, whitepapers, etc.) every day, content increases exponentially. BrightInfo enables users to find the right content at the right time, a critical success factor for sales opportunities and brand value.

Enjoying All worlds: Automation, Sophistication and Customization

Within a few hours of signing up with BrightInfo, the solution’s automated content discovery engine catalogued the content available on SmartBear’s sites and was immediately able to offer blog visitors a set of relevant content recommendations (from those sites) based on a profile generated in real-time. By automatically exposing blog visitors to content from its company sites, SmartBear was now able to steer blog traffic to commercial content and drive leads. Barker was initially afraid that with so much content, the process to create customization would be a major headache.

To his surprise, Barker was immediately able to customize BrightInfo’s generated pool of recommendations to emphasize content he felt was commercially important while balancing the information with educational materials, such as key blog posts, that his blog readers might be interested in. Once he added his choices and switched into live mode, the BrightInfo recommendation engine started recommending these additions, when relevant, to each visitor.
smartbear brightbox
The recommendations were automatically delivered to the visitor via the BrightInfo BrightBox, and results were immediate and transparent. In SmartBear’s analytics platform, Barker was able to see BrightInfo as a referring traffic source from his blog to the corporate website. Using BrightInfo’s reporting dashboard, he could monitor the level of engagement the tool generated.

“As we deepen our ability to make content recommendations with BrightInfo technology, the ROI will continue to grow,” said Adam Barker. “Our role as a design partner of the BrightInfo team has enabled us to enhance the experience for our customers, and I look forward to future collaboration.”

“I was skeptical… But BrightInfo is so easy to use…”

“I was skeptical there could be an easy and affordable way to create customized recommendation,” said Barker. “But BrightInfo is so easy to use. You can just set it and forget about it, and it continues to work as you add new content. I like the ability to customize and refine the information and look and feel to match SmartBear’s needs. Any company with a lot of content will immediately benefit from this simple yet sophisticated tool.

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